Crystal computing

I want to start an exploration into a new type of computing using crystals. Mainly with a focus on quartz I believe these simple materials have the ability to bridge conciousness with the material, generate energy, direct energy, and store intentional programs. For years crystals have been used by healers and shamans to perform all sorts of ceremony. I’ve found that they have a strong effect the material world as well and would be great to explore in technology.

First to understand higher dimensional influence on lower dimensions I’m going to explore how we can connect the common computer with conciousness. Both our own and that of other beings. This means bringing reality which vibrates at higher frequency of 5D and higher and bridging it with the lower dimensions to establish communication. Psychics and mystics have been doing this on there own for years.

My first plans all involve using crystals and then somehow reading the crystals with a computer. If crystals can generate suble electromagnetic energy fields then there must be a way to read and to interact with the computers via the crystal. Best of all there should be no limitation of space in this set up which means we’d have extremely fast data transfer with no need to use satellites, wires, or even radio signals.

Eventually I believe the most user friendly way to link consciousness with computers would be to create a small crystal receiver hooked into the computer via USB or even wirelessly.

I’ve found that higher dimensional beings as well as humans can influence the field enough to flip bits in a computer without any sort of interface. So for convenience sake I’ll start with a basic program to show this as an example and then move to more complex programs.

The first one I’ve written is one which has a single byte which is printed to the screen. This means that all one would need to do is flip a single bit from 0 to 1 in the computer. Later I’ll post some pictures.

So far I haven’t gotten it to work I believe not because the structure of my program but actually on my intention and belief system. Perhaps another test is in order that would be easier, or a shift in my own intention.

What’s very interesting about this type of program is that the difference in the variables being taken into account. In a normal program situation one writes a program, compiles it and runs the program. If the program doesn’t run with the desired output then there are one of two problems usually looked at.

1) The problem lies in the programs it’s self. Meaning there is some logic in the code which is resulting in an undesired outcome.

2) the problem lies in the hardware. Meaning there is something in the hardware which is broken or not functioning properly.

But in this situation we have at least 2 more levels.

3) Intention in code: the intention of the code which was originally written isn’t aligned with what the desired outcome is. This is sort of like an invisible layer of code which sticks to the programming code itself as an energy interacting with the the subtler fields. Most of what we are dealing with is these subtler fields so this is very important.

4) intention of the user: this is the intention which the user has to use the program which can override everything if it is strong enough. The intention of the user in fact even has the ability to bend the laws of physics, change gravity, matter, etc.

The last two factors are factors which I put into the category of conscious science. It’s the fields of reality which one wouldn’t deem as “physical” but have a powerful effect on reality and experiments being run.

I’ll explain some more models of this reality as the blog progresses but for now we’ll just glaze over things.


The future of computers

In this post I’d like to discuss the future of computers.

In my explorations of spirituality crystals have grabbed a particular focus of mine. They are obviously well known to have powerfull effects in the healing circles and even regarded to be their own concious thinking beings by some.

The properties of crystals are fascinating, they are capable of channeling energy, cominicatig with eachother oyschically, healing people, linking higher dimensions into lower ones, storing ‘programs’, and I’ve even heard they are capable of emitting light although I have yet to see it.

In short as they are they are like mother natures multi purposes super computers each one having different preferences with what it like to do or work with.

In the stories of Lemuria their computers are said to be a mixture of amino acids and crystals. The amino acids help to bridge conciousness with the crystals and make it easier to interface with.

What I’ve found as well is that a crystal can be energetically cleared by using lights, sounds, intentions, music, oils, various materials, and water. This leads me to believe that the programs in them may be stored as vibrations within the atomic structure of the crystal. Although I have yet to test it.

What has fascinated me mainly is that crystals are this link with conciousness which in theory should allow for one to read the crystals and store the information in a computer. If we can link with a crystal anywhere in the world pychically and crystals can communicate with eachother then we should be able bridge a com

The start

Alright here is the beginning. The first bang, the inhale, the lighting of the fuze, the salad, the popping of the cork!

This blog has been created to capture my thoughts, inventions, quandaries, spirituality, science, health, and whatever comes from me. Nothing in particular intended but instead a seed planted in the soil of my life. Let’s grow a tree and see what type of fruits pop up.

First Im going to start with a bang and begin an exploration in conciousness technology with a focus on crystal technology. I’m still new to all of this so it will be an exploration with lots of learning, which is great because hopefully you can tag along and learn something from my path.

Let’s play with a few ideas.

First of all there is something you should know; alot of the work I do is based off of an intuitive knowing the source of my knowledge often straight from just Source. What the hell does that mean? I’m going to introduce a bunch of ideas which we will just play with and see where they take us. Most of these ideas aren’t out there in the mainstream and most of the them present ways of looking at the world like a child does; full of absolute magic and wonder. The way I see it is the best place to start is from a place where all is magic and there are unlimited possibilities. Mainly because it’s fun but also because that’s where the double shot of creative juice lies.
I believe in my world that science should be approached as consciously and creatively as possible. This means both taking into account the effects it will have on the greater worlds consciousness and evolution and from a place where we just embrace the creative unknown. In this way we are aligning ourselves with a contribution to the universe where you’ll find yourself making technological advances so fast it’s light years ‘ahead’ of where we think we are.

Now because I intuit a lot of what I’ll talk about I’d love for you the reader to pose questions and ask for further explanations if you get stumped anywhere. In this way we’ll both learn more and create an archive of understanding on the blog.

Eventually I’ll post about spirituality, health, following your intuition and creative flow, and much more so that you too can create and bring in what your meant to bring in. I believe science should be approached from this holistic perspective where we cleanse and clear out the creative conduit that we are. You’ll be amazed by what you can tap into when you do this.

If at any point that ride goes off into some ‘ridiculous’ land where there’s a few unicorns don’t worry. People are always worrying about being factual. Screw that. As you’ll find I’ll explore tons of stuff which traditional science deems as having no basis in reality. This is both for expanding my understanding of others, but also and exploration into the unknown. Who knows maybe there is something thats been overlooked! By exploring these things which seems like superstition we may find some unique tool or connection we didn’t recently. It is at this point that we realize that it’s really just a creative exploration of the self.

Anyway! Without further a due let’s explore the world of consciousness science. Read the next post! Have fun, and play!